Round 5, Game 2: Kramnik and Tomashevsky advance



Anton Korobov had good chances to level the score in the second game against Vladimir Kramnik but the former World Champion defended well after time trouble and made a draw.

By Anastasia Karlovich

Gata Kamsky made a mistake in a drawish endgame and was knocked out. Evgeny Tomashevsky goes through to the semi-finals. The other two matches - Svidler-Andreikin and Caruana-Vachier-Lagrave - will be decided on tie-breaks on the 25th of August.

Round 5 Results

WC rd 5 gm2


Anton Korobov played without home preparation as his computer collapsed the previous day. He needed to level the score and managed to get chances as Vladimir Kramnik chose to go for an endgame with opposite-colored bishops and rooks which favored Anton. “I think I played well after the time control as I was finding only moves and resources to defend. It’s hard to explain what I did after the opening in a better position. As Anton said after the game he was ready to offer me a draw. Somehow in those situations I become too relaxed and lose concentration,” said the former World Champion after the match. Kramnik's original idea was to play 18…g5 and 19…Qc6 but then he decided to play 18…Qc6 first and after 19.Ng3 the position was no longer so simple. “For the move 31…a6 you have to disqualify me from the tournament,” said Vladimir Kramnik. Nevertheless, the Russian player managed to make a draw and goes through to the semi-finals.


Two-time Ukrainian Champion Anton Korobov has shown the best results among the Ukrainian players. In the previous matches he defeated Durarbayli, Jobava, Dubov and Nakamura.


Playing Black Evgeny Tomashevsky was well-prepared for the opening against Gata Kamsky and remembered that 13…Nb4 was “an interesting attempt”. The Russian player was two pawns down but had damaged White's pawn structure and weakened his opponent's king. The American player could simply have stopped the dangerous promotion of Black’s h-pawn but made a mistake and lost the game.

“I don’t know why Gata didn’t accept that the position was already drawish”, said Evgeny Tomashevsky. It seems the American player overestimated his position. At the same time Evgeny felt he was playing without risk and it was White who had to play precisely to obtain a draw.

Speaking about his play in the tournament Evgeny pointed out: “I could have left this tournament after the first round, so any other game is a holiday for me. I'm just playing for fun. I don’t have psychological pressure and maybe because of that I’m showing one of the best results of my career here.”


Gata Kamsky had knocked out Lou, Shimanov, Hammer and Mamedyarov but was stopped by Evgeny Tomashevsky.

Evgeny Tomashevsky: “My second Alexei Iljushin and I had a good rest yesterday. We had a good dinner and bicycle trip. I accumulated some energy for today’s game.”


Peter Svidler and Dmitry Andreikin finished their second game in a draw after 20 moves and the outcome of the match will be decided in tiebreaks.


The second game in the Caruana-Vachier-Lagrave match lasted 55 moves but finished with the same result as on the previous day. Fabiano pressed hard but the French player was never in danger of losing the game.

Time controls and rules

The time control for each two-game match is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. If the score is equal there are two rapid chess tiebreak games, played at a rate of 25 minutes for each player with an increment of 10 seconds per move. If the score is still equal then two accelerated games will be played, with a time control of 10 min + 10 sec. If the score is still equal two more games will be played at 5 min + 3 sec. If the winner is still not determined then a final Armageddon game with 5 minutes for White and 4 minutes for Black, with a 3 sec increment after move 60, will be played. In this game Black has draw odds (i.e. he wins if the game is drawn).