Final, Game 2: An exciting fight



In the second game of the final Vladimir Kramnik made a draw with Black against Dmitry Andreikin and leads the match 1.5:0.5. Despite the game finishing in a draw it was an exciting fight which started right in the opening. Dmitry missed an interesting opportunity on the 15th move and later on didn’t get another chance to fight for more than a draw.

By Anastasia Karlovich


In a Queen’s Gambit Declined Andreikin chose the relatively aggressive variation with 5.Bf4 and decided to avoid the main theoretical lines by playing 6.a3. The first critical moment happened on the 11th move when Vladimir Kramnik chose quite a sharp line starting with 11…e5. Computers started to worry at that moment, but not Vladimir Kramnik who didn’t sense the danger for Black and confidently went for the forced line.


After 14…Bxa3 Andreikin had a chance to maintain the pressure by playing 15.cxd7 Bb4 16.Bb5 but he had a feeling it could be a risky decision because the d7-pawn seemed weak. After 15.bxa3 Black grabbed the dangerous c-pawn and after 33 moves the game finished in a repetition.



Mark Glukhovsky and Paul Truong follow the analysis of the game.

It remains unclear whether the line starting with 11…e5 was home preparation by Kramnik or not. The live commentary finished while the players were analysing the game and the regular post-game interviews didn’t take place.

The former World Champion has the white pieces in the third game of the match. If he wins the game the match will be over and Vladimir Kramnik will be the World Cup Champion. In case of any other result the fourth game will be played on the 2nd of September.

Time controls and rules for the final

According to the regulations the final match is played over four (4) games and the winner of the World Cup will be the first player to score 2.5 or more points. If the scores are level after the classical games the fate of the match will be decided in a tie-break.